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September 20, 2010
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Broken Moral colored by Marimokun Broken Moral colored by Marimokun
in the manga Vash's coat turned black when he was going after Lagato and after Lagato he killed him, it turned back to it's normal red. =<

so that's why it's both red and black....

as for the broken arm,...well he broke it in battle with Lagato. and the weird glowy blue stuff around his shoulders I believe is showing that Lagto had partial control over Vash when he was fighting. and finally, the little wing thingy coming from his hand is there cuz he used that a bit while he was fighting too....but yeh... XD that's it.. XD
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Hmm, I'd assumed the reason why Mr. Nightow drew Vash's coat in black during the battle with Legato was that he was drawing in only black and white (no red available).

With Vash's coat showing as black, to make it even more obviously different from Legato's white coat, none of the readers was likely to mistake who was whom in the various action pictures where the characters' faces might not be fully or clearly visible.

Interesting take on it, though, and very well drawn and colored. :nod:

Poor Vash, wounded both outside and in... and in the manga, unlike in the anime, he gets almost no time to rest or heal. He has to fight again, later the same day. :(
Marimokun Mar 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Ah yeah, the explanation might be as simple as that....but looking back at the manga, the first half of Vash's fight with Legato, his coat was still colored in white. Then some huge explosion or something happened and Vash was attacked like crazy. Then a few pages later (page 98 and 99 in Volume 13) They use a two page panel to show Vash's coat is now black. 

Also, in volume 14 pages 52 and 53 it actually shows his coat changing back to it's normal color. This is immediately after he had to kill Legato. So I lean towards the idea that his coat's color change was done on purpose to symbolize a change in his personality and what he had to do.
After re-examining the manga, you did a mighty fine job of emulating the coat changing, too. :aww:
Marimokun Mar 22, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
lol thank you very much. :)
Hmm. Looking again, since my memory might have been hiccuping... I don't have the books yet, so I have to go off the "scanlations" posted online. I think I found the correct section, though. :)

Legato wants to die by Vash's hand, and isn't shy about saying so, seen here. Legato also  admits that he's going to begin using his psychokinetic powers against Vash. Both of these things happen just a little before the explosion.

I'm not spotting a transition, but yes... after that explosion, the next time we see him, Vash's coat is drawn using black instead of white. It appears to coincide with when his "automatic defense" feathers, and the lines indicating plant power (perhaps his arm is inclined to transform?) start appearing.

The way Vash holds his right arm, it looks like he might be in serious pain. :(

It's also possible that he may be fighting against allowing that arm to transform... in the manga, that transformation appeared to be painful for him every time it happened.

Hmm. The title of that chapter, where we first see Vash's coat drawn in the other color, is "Black" ... I'd overlooked how that matched up before. *blush*

*wants to hug Vash and slap Legato (and slap him hard enough to knock him unconscious)*

*continues flipping through virtual pages*

Ugh, "Crimson Nail" is just as bad as Legato, so terribly sadistic... *flips pages faster*

Yikes, we don't see Vash again for a couple of chapters... and then, he's still holding his arm.

Legato notices a burning stench, and wonders if it comes from his own skin. Yet during the earlier flashback about July, Knives taunts Vash that their power Is "hot" because the energy flow is so immense.

The information in that earlier flashback makes me wonder if Legato was mistaken in his guess about which one of them was burning... especially since, on the next page, Vash appears to be all lit up with plant energy.

Vash pleads for Legato to stop, "... you're going to kill yourself..." suggesting that Vash is still hoping to get through this with both of them alive.

And Vash's coat is drawn in black.

Vash destroys Legato's box, and continues fighting without it.

It looks as if, perhaps, Vash even fights his own automatic defense system, to try to spare Legato... if I'm understanding this page correctly. Unfortunately, Legato is determined to commit "suicide by cop" with Vash cast in the role of the cop. =\ Legato just keeps flinging himself back into the battle, even knowing that it's killing him.

It looks like Vash is having the same struggle that he had with Monev the Gale. He's angry, and sort of simultaneously both does and does not want to kill the guy. Vash's coat didn't go black when he was dealing with Monev, and avoided killing him.

As in the prior moral struggle, Rem's teachings were winning. Vash pulls his gun away from Legato's head (again), which seriously ticks off Legato (if what he says in response on the next page is any indication). He begins screaming for Vash to shoot him, and then making threats.

Finally, Legato makes such an immediate threat to someone's life that Vash, very reluctantly, pulls the trigger.

The threatened person has time to come and speak to Vash before something happens... is this what you meant about the coat turning back to white? I'd generally taken that section to mean that Vash's "plant power" was turning off. Since Plant energy runs bright, it could make the coat look dark by comparison.

Or... could it have meant that Legato's power over Vash was broken? Or was the soot from the explosion no longer magnetically adhering to Vash's coat, since his power was turning off? *shrugs unknowingly*

In re-examining that battle, there does indeed appear to be an intention to convey more than simply making a stronger contrast between Vash's coat and Legato's. Methinks I'll ponder this some more, without boring you with the details. :blushes:

Intriguing. Thanks for pointing it out. :aww:
Marimokun Mar 22, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I enjoyed your examination. lol Yeah, as to why it changed colors. I think it may have to do with the plant's power taking over and then letting go. But I also liked to think of it in a symbolic way to show Vash's hard struggle with Legato the whole time.
That is really awesome picture based on manga. Nice...hehehe
Marimokun Apr 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks. :)
allukakalluto May 26, 2012  Student General Artist
i dont know that say...

It's a very intense and emotive image, you manage to convey a myriad of feelings with it.
in fact, this picture has come to my heart, I must say that my throat was closing whenever Vash was suffering and could not hold back the tears when crying in the anime.

you have done a magnificent and perfect work.
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